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Stock & Bond Gifts

Habitat for Humanity Greater Cincinnati (HFHGC) welcomes gifts of stock and has established a brokerage account with Merrill Lynch for the convenience of donor’s in transferring publicly traded securities.

Our tax identification number is: #31-1185975.
HFHGC is an exempt subordinate of HFH International.
Our IRS tax-exempt number is: 8545.

Please contact Meredith Simpkins, Donations Assistant at development@habitatcincinnati.org or call (513) 482-5605 so we may assist you. It would be helpful to have the below information available so that we can assist you better.

A. Donor first and last name, phone number and address
B. Name of the company stock shares are coming from
C. Number of shares to be donated
D. Name and phone number of broker/custodian
E. When broker will be directed to execute the gift
F. Is gift restricted to a home or unrestricted?

Thank you for this thoughtful gift. You will make a difference for families that work hard and want to be homeowners.