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Next-gen service to Cincinnati Families

AmeriCorps, a signature program of the Corporation for National and Community Service, has been a partner with Habitat for Humanity nationwide for more than 20 years. Here at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati (HFHGC), our AmeriCorps team members work exclusively constructing new homes or rehabbing homes. We
are proud of our partnership with AmeriCorps – both how it helps provide decent homes for more families, as well as how it helps team members grow in knowledge and experience together, learn to work as a team, and utilize each member’s strengths to get the job done.

“I remember when I was in AmeriCorps someone asked me about a fellow member and how long we had been friends.” said Natalie Foy, now on staff with HFHGC. “He was shocked when I said we had only known each other for two months. He assumed we had been friends for years. It’s such an awesome cycle to watch, noticing team members go from complete strangers to close friends in just a matter of weeks.”

“We are so incredibly blessed to have a continual partnership with AmeriCorps. It would be impossible to build as many homes as we do each year without their help,” said Ed Lee, HFHGC President/CEO. It’s exciting to watch as each member grows into a leader, while they help us serve more families in Greater Cincinnati.

This month, the AmeriCorps team partnered with the Mount St. Joseph University campus chapter to help build walls for a future home, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.
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