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Governed by Determination

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati is on a mission to empower individuals and families through shelter, because everyone deserves to have stability and comfort and a decent place to call home. Our organization is governed by a board of directors who fully embody this mission. As a whole, the Habitat for Humanity board works determinedly to seek out opportunities that will make tangible, lasting improvement in the lives of Greater Cincinnati families Each Habitat board member is relentless and always ready to help in anyway possible, to continue to push the Habitat mission forward.

The board of Greater Cincinnati Habitat reflects the diversity of this city, comprised of individuals who are business leaders, owners, or professionals that have devoted their lives to making a difference in our community. They come from different areas, backgrounds, and skill sets, all contributing to a depth of knowledge that helps us to continue to serve more families. For each problem that needs to be solved, there is always a board member who has a solution or a connection that can help. Their eagerness to contribute to Habitat in a deeply meaningful way, given that most of them have demanding careers and families of their own, is astounding. Our organization is deeply appreciative of everything the board has sacrificed and fought for over our past 30 years.

The board is directly responsible for reviewing and approving partner family applications, assessing the financial situation of families and their housing needs. Many applications are risky to approve for a host of reasons, such as low income, family size, and debt. But time and time again, the board leans forward to approve families that are on the edge and could benefit from a hand-up.. They do so because Habitat for Humanity serves as these families’ second and sometimes third chance to start down a path that leads to a stable, secure and fulfilling life. Taking these risks offers big rewards; the joy of watching a hard-working, deserving family finally receive the keys to their own home is infectious. Opening the door to homeownership allows these families to create stable environments for their kids, to continue their education, to seek secure employment, and importantly, to end poverty in their lives.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati is very pleased to share that our board is growing once again. Allow us to introduce our newest board member, Alan Rae. Alan is the Vice President of New Business Development at Ethicon, Inc. He will bring a new wealth of experience to our organization in the form of marketing and sales, and will be bringing plenty of new connections as well. Alan has a genuine passion for the Habitat for Humanity mission, and he spends a few Saturdays each year on Habitat build sites, working side by side with our partner families. We’re looking forward to the new opportunities Alan’s involvement will bring, and are thrilled he has decided to join us.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati is always looking forward, developing plans for the future, and finding new ways to grow and help more families in the Cincinnati area. “My hope for Habitat’s future is to continue to have a diverse board that represents the Greater Cincinnati community,” said Ed Lee, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati CEO. “The board is able to constantly improve our ability to raise funds and connect with people of influence so we may have a greater chance of serving more families and revitalizing more communities.” The board of Habitat is working on plans to strengthen our ability to offer continuously better support through critical home repair, neighborhood revitalization, and the possibility of building container homes to serve a population that cannot afford the current Habitat offerings. All it takes to contribute to the Habitat mission is donations, volunteers, and applicants, which allows us to expand our programs to serve a greater number of families and communities in Cincinnati.

Our work is complicated and difficult—but with great board leadership and staff we are confident that we will continue to serve more families each year. . Habitat homeowners achieve independence and stability that comes from owning their own home. We all deserve a safe place to rest, to thrive, and to call home. To see how you can help support our mission in your own community, visit habitatcincinnati.org/get-involved.

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