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Every Faith Can Be Put Into Action

every faith

Putting their faith into action 30 years ago, groups of churches in Northern Kentucky and separately in Cincinnati set aside theological differences and rallied around the belief that everyone deserves a decent place to live. The Habitat mission continued to spread to churches in Clermont County and then throughout all nine counties of Greater Cincinnati.

As an ecumenical ministry that focuses on similarities and shared mission rather than on theological differences, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati brings together people regardless of faith tradition. Together we empower first-time homebuyers to build strength and stability through shelter.

On a crisp fall morning, the Eastside Coalition of churches joined in celebrating the home dedications for three families in Lockland. One Habitat homebuyer, Ernest Smith, his voice booming over the rumbling of a nearby train shared his story.
“They said I would never make it. They said I would be dead by 18. They said I would spend my life in jail. But here I am, looking at the house that I helped build. Ten years ago I promised my wife that I would build a house for her with my own hands and I would make our lives better. Today that promise has come true.”
September 18, 2016 is the Habitat for Humanity International Day of Prayer and Action. To learn more about how your faith community can become involved through volunteering or financial support, visit our website.










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